WBENC Conferences: Your Secret Weapon to Better Business

The population of women entrepreneurs is higher than it’s ever been, but it’s still a relatively small percentage — which means there are tons of learning opportunities to capitalize on.

Enter The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. It’s a powerhouse resource for women entrepreneurs, and it’s known for hosting some transformative events.

Here are a few reasons to consider attending some of the WBENC’s renowned conferences.

Make connections that turn into business.

4,700+ attendees can’t be wrong — the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair brings thousands of fellow female entrepreneurs and corporate executives together in one place. That means you’ll easily network and make connections with more people in one day than you might make in a month. In fact, 93% of attendees say they are confident the contacts they make at this event will lead to business opportunities.

Learn from the best to become the best.

The WBENC is known for rallying industry-leading experts at events to share groundbreaking knowledge. The 2019 Connect and Celebrate event in St. Louis, for example, features an expert economist to reveal workforce trends, availability of capital and what’s on the horizon for the local economy. Prominent authors, successful CEOs and more share their insights in conferences around the country as well.

Build a tribe of fellow businesswomen.

With a myriad of lunch and learns, interactive presentations and other social activities, the WBENC addresses a quiet but important part of female entrepreneurship: The importance for women in mostly male-dominated industries to stick together. You’ll exchange triumphs, challenges, tips, tricks and more with a community of like-minded women all striving for the same thing: a successful business.

Garner respect by sharing your knowledge.

With all of the insights and fresh perspectives they offer, conferences allow you to teach others what you’ve learned long after the doors close. After reflecting on your notes, you’ll likely be able to create a unique spin on the concepts and strategies you learned, applying them to your business. You’ll assert yourself as a powerful resource and leader to your teams — and you’ll empower a culture of teaching and learning.

Go forth, boss lady.

From meaningful connections to tips and insights that can give your business an edge, the WBENC helps women business owners navigate an ever-changing marketplace all while building camaraderie between women all over the country. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, check out the WBENC’s upcoming events — and prepare to change the way you run your business.