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NMSDC MBE Program: Corporate Buyer Contracts

For minority business owners who wish to expand their network in the private sector, we recommend a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). It is the only national minority business certification.

The Federal Government sets aside a minimum of 23% of total acquisition dollars to be spent on diverse businesses. While an MBE certification does not guarantee a contract with a corporate or government buyer, it does serve as a prestigious marketing tool that increases visibility and the chances of winning such contracts.

Supplier diversity programs within corporate institutions require valid MBE certification to meet supplier diversity goals. The NMSDC currently holds 23 affiliate offices worldwide with over 1,700 corporate members, including top public and private companies, universities, hospitals, and others.

Upon certification, MBE members are included in the NMSDC database, which corporate buyers use to select suppliers.

Everyone in the program has access to networking opportunities with corporate buyers that are eager to partner with diverse enterprises. Other opportunities, such as capital loans and mentor-protégé pairings, are available through higher levels of membership.

What Are the Benefits of the NMSDC MBE Program?

Members of the NMSDC MBE program have access to the following opportunities and services:

  • Business opportunity fairs and conferences
  • Joint ventures
  • Educational development
  • Awards and special recognition
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs), business leads, and alerts for procurement opportunities

Sub-programs include:

  • Subscription services: These paid services provide access to premium events, introductions to national corporate members, professional development fellowships, mentor-protégé pairings, and technical and financial support.
  • Corporate Plus® program: Admittance into this program elevates the MBE’s profile among national corporate members. In this sub-program, NMSDC corporate members nominate MBEs who have demonstrated excellence in fulfilling national contracts.
  • Growth initiative: This sub-program grants MBEs access to equity capital from institutional investors. The MBE’s eligibility for the growth initiative is reevaluated annually.
  • Centers of Excellence: These modules connect corporate buyers with MBE suppliers in their region. Each module consists of ten corporate members and 16- 20 MBEs.

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