Create a Valuable Customer Value Proposition

How to Write A Compelling Statement

Creating a great Customer Value Proposition should be based on sound knowledge of your products and services, your target market and target customers, your pricing, and your ability to deliver. Doing some research and background work is a must before you begin.

Your Position in the market place: Are your products innovative, ground breaking, lowest cost, best value, or simply the most sought after? What are you offering that is unique and special and the answer to your customers problems or needs?

Frame it in a paragraph or two: Put your position into words, add bullet points if necessary. For instance it might be short and sweet like: Sage Business Consulting was created so that we could help small business owners significantly improve their businesses, make more profit, and love their lives.

Here is a good one for a gaming parlor targeting locals in Las Vegas:

Polly’s is designed to provide a convenient and comfortable gaming tavern. Close and well lit parking begins the Polly’s experience. Guests will be greeted immediately by our friendly staff as they enter, who will assist them in finding the game they are looking for and provide them with a beverage. All players can be seated and playing within minutes of parking their vehicles. We will meet and beat our competition with a better atmosphere and more ways to win, win, win!

Your customer value proposition is the concise and descriptive sum total of what your products and services give to your customers in exchange for their payment. Make sure yours reflects your true value and is understood by all in your company.