Best (and worst) Advice

My neighbor once told me that opinions are like armpits—everyone has them and most of the time they stink. While this sentiment may be accurate for much of the advice given in everyday life, the smartest entrepreneurs I know listen to the great minds in business who have paved the way and build on what they’ve learned. The trick is sniffing out the good advice and avoiding the bad.

Being comfortable is the enemy. The lull of comfort has tricked many entrepreneurs into settling for mediocrity. Stay hungry, stay driven and stay focused to achieve your goals.
Sara Rotman

Get up an hour before kids to get sacred quiet time. A quiet morning spent with coffee, meditation or whatever helps you to think through problems and reflect on important decisions can make or break your day.
Karen Kahn

Be nice. People might not remember you, but they will remember how you make them feel. You never know who your next big client, investor or connection will be.
Jennifer Graylock