5 Ways to Win at Customer Appreciation

The holidays are all about giving back — which is the perfect time for your business to show some well-deserved customer love. Check out these 5 tips (and real-life examples) to inspire your next big act of gratitude. 

1. Don’t just welcome feedback — act on it.

Good companies value feedback. But great companies take it a step further by actually implementing customer advice. This tells your customers that their voices matter and can make a difference, too.

This supermarket chain in the UK went viral when it renamed a long-standing product. The customer? A concerned three-year-old with a very clever suggestion. 

2. Send them something personalized.

It can be hard in the business grind to remember that each customer is an important player in your day-to-day. Sending them personalized notes or gifts will remind them that your company values the unique relationship you have.

Vidyard sent funny personalized videos like this one to thank customers for their loyalty and business!

3. Show up in a time of need.

If you know that one of your customers is enduring tough times, going above and beyond for them can go a long way.

Bungie Studios (the developers behind the videogame Halo) showed up in a big way when a 9-year-old Halo fan was undergoing a liver transplant during the holidays. The entire Bungie team sent the boy a heartfelt card and even customized a helmet just for him. Check out the touching photos the boy’s father posted on imgur to thank the company for their thoughtful gesture.

4. Host an event.

This one’s great if most of your customer base is local. You can even take a poll beforehand to see what catering service or planned activities your customers want for their special day.

Farm supply and nursery company Harmony delights their customers with a client appreciation party complete with discounts, live music, giveaways and more!

5. Start a loyalty program.

Making your most die-hard customers feel like V.I.P.s with loyalty programs gamifies your experience while giving out rewards.

A great example of this is the Starbucks rewards program — it gives customers special privileges like free in-store refills, birthday perks and more.

So go forth, grateful entrepreneurs! Our teams are thankful for the connections we share with our clients, and hope you get all the warm fuzzy feelings paying it forward.

Happy holidays!