5 reasons why newsletters are no-brainers for businesses

1. You stay top of mind – and top of your game.

In a world where your clients are hyperconnected and always on-the-move, three little words matter: Just be there. A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter ensures you’re always up for keeping the conversation going — which helps your brand stay relevant for busy clients.

2. You can position yourself as a thought leader.

In the digital world, consumers crave two things when reading content. One is the validation of something they already feel. The other is being enlightened by something they don’t know yet. Newsletters give you a platform to share an authoritative take on what’s happening in the industry today and where it’s going tomorrow. In time, you’ll become the dependable pulse on the market that your clients turn to.

3. You increase traffic to your site.

Newsletters can drive readers to the digital motherland of your business — your website. Valuable content chock full of links back to your site encourages readers to learn more about your mission, your values and services, and ultimately drive them to do more business with you.

4. You can forge a stronger bond with your clients.

If you have a list of contacts, you already have some invaluable, baseline knowledge about your clientele. Use that knowledge to create content that speaks directly to their goals, challenges, and what matters to them. Tailored conversations will build trust, make them feel like you get it, and create a more intimate relationship with them.

5. You can say whatever you want.

This might seem obvious, but here’s the truth: Your newsletter, your rules. Take the opportunity to let clients know what your brand stands for. How you feel about your clients, the market, your competitors even. The beauty of a newsletter is that your brand look and voice can really shine in an authentic way. And these days, consumers trust content that comes from authentic, unapologetic brands that can level with them.