10 Small Business Infographics That Will Blow Your Mind

We’re all visual creatures — which is why we’re devoting this month’s newsletter to infographics! Here’s our roundup of our 10 favorite infographics for small businesses. We hope you’ll use these helpful stats and insights to inspire your next big initiative!

1. The Power of Video for Small Businesses

Did we mention that we’re visual creatures? This infographic uses some sobering numbers to make the case for why video is so important to your sales strategy.

2. Knowledge Commerce: How To Turn Your Skill Into a Thriving Business

If you don’t know what an infopreneur is, you’ll want to check this one out. Just make sure you’re sitting down — knowledge commerce might be today’s biggest goldmine, and the stats to back up that claim are pretty flooring.

3. 20 Best Small Business Apps

From collaboration to e-commerce, creating forms and everything in between, these 20 apps are sure to be a game changer for your small business toolkit.

4. Time Management for Small Business Owners

It’s your most precious resource as a business owner — but making the most of it can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, these 5 tips pack a big, efficiency-loving punch.

5. A Small-Business Guide to Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can be an limitlessly helpful tool for your small business  – if you know how to use it correctly. This intensive visual guide breaks down all of its features in a robust but easy-to-digest way.

6. 2018 Tech Trends for Small Businesses

What’s next for small business tech in 2018 and beyond? You might be surprised. Find out the top three tech trends shaping the future of small business operations in this infographic.

7. Creating Brand Recognition for Your Small Business

A super insightful anchor piece, this infographic outlines best practices and pitfalls to avoid when sharing your brand story with the world.

8. The Anatomy of An Entrepreneur

Business owners are a rare breed. Check out these 10 unique traits that all work together to make up the ideal entrepreneur. We like that you can share a male or female version of the infographic on your social networks!

9. The Small Business Checklist: How to Establish Your Business — Legally

This visual checklist by Contact Me gives a detailed rundown of all the legal steps you need to take to launch a small business — from securing funding to getting permits and everything in between.

10. State of Women-Owned Small Businesses

Talk about doing your homework — this infographic summarizes a huge body of research to cover more than 20 data points, giving an ultra-vast look at the state of women in small business.


And there you have it! No matter your industry, always keep an eye out for infographics to learn more about the small business landscape and how to drive growth. These visual assets are a great way to digest and retain a lot of useful information with minimal effort — that’s because our brains process visuals 60,000X faster than text. Pretty neat, huh?

Here’s to your growth!