We are business planning, certification, and branding specialists with over 25 years of experience.

Branding Packages and Marketing Collateral

Our small business branding and web design is designed for both new and existing businesses who are seeking to clearly define their message. Our business branding packages are unique to set you apart, but durable enough to last through trends and changes in your competitive landscape.

We have EVERYTHING you need in one complete package to gain and maintain the attention of those who you wish to serve. We are your small business marketing consultant.

Logo:  Say what you need to say in one picture. With a logo design from SAGE Business Consulting, your customers will be able to identify your business in a memorable way.

Brand guide:  The foundation for your small business branding will be your brand guide. Our easy-to-use guides are essential for keeping all communication consistent.

Business Cards:  Your affordable business card design from SAGE Business Consulting will clearly communicate your contact information to encourage saving and sharing.

Email Signature:  Close every email with a personal touch with your cleverly crafted email signature.

Capability Statement:  Your lean capability statement will be designed to be easily read and evaluated by government agencies and private sector firms.

Letterhead:  Your letter head will help your customers, vendors, and partners clearly identify your communication, and it will build an association between your words and your brand.

Website with Content:  Your small business website will engage its users to bring in more customers and encourage social sharing. All SAGE Business Consulting websites are fully optimized for search engines.

Social Media Covers:  Your social media accounts will be visually linked together and consistent with your website and all other marketing collateral.

PowerPoint Template:  Your PowerPoint template will enhance your presentations rather than distract. You can be confident that what you say will be easily understood and remembered by your listeners.

Newsletter Template:  Whether you need it tangible or digital, your newsletter will be visually appealing, well organized, and modern to earn interest in your business.

Branding Package Examples

Alpha 1 Staffing

Business Escalation


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